Ignacio Filippov does branding for business, people and pets. Designing corporate identity, packages and promotional materials (e. g. catalogs, presentations, annual reports, covers, websites, etc.) Beautiful and convenient, with well thought-out accents, checked texts, and polished details.
The studio environment is based on a team-concept, including an art-director, and a set of designers, illustrators, and photographers. We mobilize our resources to accommodate your project. Ignacio connects the right people to the project, but he is responsible for the result himself.
So, let’s make your product shine again! hello@ignaciodesign.com
Ignacio Filippov: an art-director, a designer, a product photographer, a project manager and a responsible person with 16-years of experience working in agencies and mono-brand companies, doing branding, packaging, advertising and web designs.
Any questions? Please, e-mail me: hello@ignaciodesign.com
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