The Classic Series
The client was looking for a way to demonstrate the functionality of these delicacies. Their special feature is mechanical tooth brushing, as in the case of human use of a toothbrush. This is the image we used in our design. So we got a package about purity and freshness.
Blisters are made of thick, white, coated cardboard and plastic pocket on the outside. There are 7 types of delicacies in this series.
The Multifunctional Series
The brand has launched the series of toothpicks snacks, consisting of three lines of products with such accents: 1) for the health of bones and joints; 2) for healthy coat and skin; 3) to support a digestion.
The Intensive Series
The 1st series of the brand: 3 tastes and 3 kinds of dogs sizes.
Promo: the website
Promo: a catalog
An art-director, a designer: Ignacio Filippov;
a designer: Anastasia Treneena;
3D-modellers: Iliana Borisova, Sergey Keesielyov;
a photographer: Sergey Keesielyov

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