Brand identity


Фото упаковок Зубочистиков классических

Denis, an individual enterpreneur:

We were one of the first in Russia launching specialized treats for cleaning dogs' teeth. The market at that time was poorly developed, and the most important task was to convey through the packaging the essence of our product. The success of the project depended on understanding of its point by consumers. At the same time, we had to adhere to the requirements from the packaging manufacturer. The solution proposed by Ignat helped us to fulfill the tasks and accelerate the launch of the project many times, and the sales results exceeded all expectations.

Дизайн упаковки Деревенских лакомств \ Dogfest Derevenskie Lakomstva package design

Alex, Director of marketing:

In 2010, we made a new brand of premium animal treats. The concept of the brand involved the creation of a memorable package that reflects the main message: natural, traditional, healthy animal nutrition. As a result of Ignat's work, sales managers were able to sell goods to leading chain stores before the first real batch arrived at a warehouse. So in fact, at the start we were selling just package design.