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~ firstly ~

What I can do for you

I do branding for business, people and pets. Designing corporate identity, packages and promotional materials (e. g. catalogs, presentations, annual reports, covers, websites, etc.) Beautiful and convenient, with well thought-out accents, checked texts, and polished details.

The studio environment is based on a team-concept. I connect the right people to the project if it’s needed, but I am always responsible for the result myself. Try yourself: hello@ignaciodesign.com


Ignacio Filippov is an art-director, a designer, a product photographer, a project manager and a responsible person with 15-years of experience working in agencies and mono-brand companies, doing branding, packaging, advertising and web designs.
ignacio filippov


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As a minimum, I will design a trademark with variations for all methods and sizes of reproduction, and will describe basic principles of its use, fonts and colours in the manual — for convenience work with the logo inside the company, with partners and another designers. Just let me know: hello@ignaciodesign.com
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I design the product packages in the widest sense and in any segment. I have more experience in the zoo segment. I also worked with lighting products, music albums, and children’s toys.

Once I made a package of premium snacks for pets, which helped to sell the product to the leading chain stores in Russia before the real samples were ready, that is, in fact, at the start of the campaign stores were buying my designs. Try yourself: hello@ignaciodesign.com
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Promotion materials

I design almost everything you may need to tell about your brand, a product, a service, an event to a customer or a partner in a digital or printed way. Mainly catalogues, annual reports, presentations, posters, advertising layouts. Get some: hello@ignaciodesign.com
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Please, describe your goals via e-mail hello@ignaciodesign.com, and you’ll get an answer ASAP (24 hours usually)